Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise in Pregnancy

It can be hard to stay motivated to keep active during pregnancy but when you move your body, you’re improving your mental health, reducing body aches and pains and possibly reducing your chances of developing pregnancy related conditions such as gestational diabetes. Latest evidence suggests that pregnant women should be doing roughly 2 and a half hours of exercise a week, that’s less than 25 minutes a day.  If you don’t have any medical conditions effecting your heart rate or blood pressure exercising is safe at any gestation, I would just recommend not starting a new type of exercise as you may be more at risk of injury if you perform a movement wrong (e.g. weight lifting). You may find that as your pregnancy progress and your centre of gravity is shifting, some movements may not feel comfortable anymore. If this is the case you may want to think about adjusting your exercise routine and movements so they are better suited for your gestation.

Make sure you warm up and cool down appropriately before and after you exercises to avoid any injuries and keep well hydrated throughout the workout. For some exercising may feel like a task but instead of looking at it as a chore or something that you HAVE to do, try changing your mindset and thinking that it’s something that you GET to do! You’ve worked all day, finished the household tasks so now you get some well-deserved me time, focusing on improving your health and connecting with your baby through movement. You can also make it fun, get your partner or friends involved, go for a bush walk or even a swim if the weather is nice out. It doesn’t need to be strenuous; any movement is good movement! As long as you’re not putting too much strain on your joint and abdominal muscles, you’re benefiting yourself (and your growing baby).

Looking for something easy and low impact? Give this lower body exercise a go! No weights necessary but you can add them if you like!

  • 10 Split squats each side

  • 10 Side lunges each side

  • 10 Good mornings 

  • 10 Squats

  • 10 Wide squats

Repeat this circuit 3-5 times depending on how much energy (and time) you have. This exercise is safe for any gestation and a great way to start your day!

I also highly recommend doing pregnancy yoga and Pilates as these exercise help to stretch out your body and release tension in places helping to prepare your body for labour and birth. If you’re looking for a Pilates class that has been specifically designed for pregnancy and postpartum then I have just the thing for you! I have teamed up with Rebecca Boehm from rebeccapilates who has incredible classes on offer! Check out her website and enjoy 15% off her pregnancy packages just for being a part of the Happy Birthway Community. Use the code HBW15 for discounts on all online and in-person packages.

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