About OMP

Optimal maternal positioning (OMP) is bringing alignment and mobility within your pelvis, enabling your baby's cardinal movements to facilitate labour. 

When talking about positioning the main focus is usually on optimal fetal positioning (OFP) - discussing where your baby is and how their position impacts your labour and birth. With OMP instead of focusing on your baby's position, we focus on creating space within your pelvis to allow your baby to move in and through.

This OMP course will provide you with education on pelvic alignment and pelvic mobility, making your pregnancy more comfortable and allowing your baby to move in, through and out of your pelvis (cardinal movements) with ease.

OMP also demonstrates different active birth positions that you can incorporate into your labour and birth, recognising pregnancy discomforts while also empowering you and support person with the knowledge and techniques you need to navigate any "road blocks" that you may encounter during your birth such as a posterior positioned baby or stall in the progress of your labour. 

Mentally and emotionally preparing yourself for labour is essential but it is equally important to physically prepare your body for labour and birth to give yourself the best opportunity to have a positive birth experience. OMP is a must do course for all birthing women, not just first time mums!

I am so excited to share my knowledge with you and your support person to and help you achieve your positive birth experience!


A positive birth experience looks different for everyone, Hypnobirthing Australia will give you the strategies and skills you need to achieve that positive birth

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