OMP Course Information

OMP is not like any other birth education courses, it is hand's on and will give you and your birth partner the tools and techniques you need to have a smooth labour and birth. Through OMP you will learn:

  • About pelvic alignment and pelvic mobility
  • Daily exercises that can be done throughout your pregnancy to help align your pelvis and relax your pelvic floor
  • Why dilation is NOT an indication of labour progress
  • OMP active birth positions
  • Comfort measures that can be performed by your birth partner
  • The 4 P's of labour
  • What you can do if your labour stalls
  • How to monitor and interpret your contractions  
  • How both you and your birth partner can feel confident and comfortable leading up to the big day

What is included in the course?

  • 4 hour session with Zonna Adoncello a nurse, midwife, OMP educator & Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner in the comfort of your home
  • Free access to online, follow up work and hard copy of the OMP work book
  • Free postnatal call to debrief about your birth

This course is recommended from 20 weeks gestation

Group session: $295

Private session: $350


A positive birth experience looks different for everyone, Hypnobirthing Australia will give you the strategies and skills you need to achieve that positive birth

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