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Happy Birthway

Floral Affirmation Set

Floral Affirmation Set

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 Affirmations are positive words and phrases that you read, say and feel that make progressive changes in your life. When we start talking about ourselves in a positive light, our mindset soon follows. This range of pregnancy & birth affirmation cards have been thoughtfully made to help with your positive mindset in preparation for your pregnancy, labour and birth and are a great addition to any birthing mama's who are Hypnobirthing, Calm birthing or SheBirths. These affirmation cards are the perfect gift for an expecting mama, preparing for her positive birth experience. 

This floral affirmation set contains multiple floral designs, displayed thoughtfully for those mamas looking for a simple yet beautiful range of positive phrases. Each arrangement has been designed to allow your imagination to picture the descent of your baby in your womb and opening of your cervix. I purposefully made these cards in A5 size to help keep you focused while you're in labour.

How to use these cards in pregnancy: Place them around your house in areas that you spend majority of your time (kitchen, bathroom, living room) and when you see them take a moment to read the words, take a relaxation breath and connect with your baby.

How to use these cards during labour & birth: place them around your birth space and if your have a vision board you could also place it around that. Have it somewhere that you can see easily. You may be spending more time on the floor so you may need to get creative when thinking about where to place them.

Some examples of the affirmation cards include:

  • My body is designed to birth my baby
  • My body opens and softens with ease 
  • Soon I will be holding my baby in my arms
  • With ease surge my level of relaxation goes deeper



size: 150mm x 210mm

material: 300gsm soveregin silk

There are 4 sets to choose from the simplistic set, nature set, watercolour set and the floral set and each set contains 20 different affirmation cards. Each set has been beautifully and intentionally designed to help keep you relaxed, focused and calm during your pregnancy and birth. I hope you enjoy these cards just as much as I did making them.

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