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Hypnobirthing Australia Group Session August 18th & 25th, 10am-4pm

Hypnobirthing Australia Group Session August 18th & 25th, 10am-4pm

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With this Positive Birth Program you and your birth partner will be provided with the knowledge and tools to help prepare you for labour and birth. Through Hypnobirthing Australia your birth partner will be guided on how to best support you during labour and birth and you will leave this course feeling prepared and confident. 

What will I learn from this course?

  • How to create and maintain a positive mindset
  • How physiological changes can happen within our body from a single thought
  • How hormones can encourage or inhibit labour and birth
  • How your uterus and cervix are working with you during labour
  • How to release any fear associate with labour and birth
  • How relaxation techniques including breathing techniques, visualisations, self-hypnosis, acupressure, mediation and affirmations can make positive changes to your labour and birth
  • How your birth partner can support you during pregnancy, labour and birth
  • How to prepare your body with a healthy diet and exercise
  • How movement and active birth positions can help during labour
  • Signs that labour may be starting
  • Signs that labour if progressing 


What is included?

  • 12-hour session taught over 2 Saturday's in the Innerwest
  • Downloadable MP3s including "Rainbow mist", "Surge of the Sea", "Affirmation for  beautiful birthing"
  • Extra practice videos for Facial Relaxation, Bubble of Comfort, Opening Lotus Flower and more
  • Multiple printable resources including, cheat sheets for birth partner and acupressure, breathing techniques and birth preferences template 
  • 'little book of hypnobirthing' ebook
  • Extra resources on topics such as baby's position, birth preferences, cord clamping, birthing the placenta and more
  • Scripts for your birth partner to read and record
  • Empowering and inspiring videos of hypnobirthing mums bringing their hypnobubs in a calm and safe environment 
  • Access to Kjabi - an easy to use app to access all the content on your mobile 

I limit my group sessions to a maximum of 4 couples, this allows for a more intimate and personal experience as you and your birth partner to meet and interact with other pregnant couples, while in an engaging and non-judgemental environment. As spots are limited please contact me if you are unable to book in.

Hypnobirthing Australia Group Session$525 

To book in for the Hypnobirthing course and secure your position for that date a $150 non-refundable deposit is required. The remaining amount needs to be paid by 7 days prior to the start of the course date.


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